SynTouch Toccare

The Toccare™

SynTouch is excited to announce the coming release of our second generation Toccare™. This device uses our proprietary technology, measurement systems and sensors to provide your team with clear answers about how your customers will perceive your products.

By purchasing a Toccare™ you can test different materials at the touch of a button and give your Quality Assurance, Product Development, and Sourcing personnel an amazing tool for making quick decisions. Here are just some of the ways investing in a Toccare™ can help you beat the competition:

  • Increase profitability by finding cheaper materials that will feel just like their expensive counterparts.
  • Reduce waste and costs by improving your manufacturing process through product sample testing.
  • Verify that suppliers sent you the same materials as the samples they presented.
  • Save money during research and development by eliminating the need to hire focus groups or expensive consultants.
  • Make your employees more productive by empowering them with clear, actionable data.
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Human Perception with Machine Consistency

The sense of touch is the most powerful and least understood of the human senses. The way a product feels creates strong impressions about its quality, desirability and value, yet the underlying features that make one product feel better than another can be elusive.


Until now, designers have had to rely on expensive expert consultants and focus groups to provide subjective and often inconsistent opinions about how users experience their products. Conventional tribology equipment can produce quantifiable measurements, but these usually do not correlate with human perception. The SynTouch Toccare™ combines humanlike perception with the resolution and repeatability of a precise machine.

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