vikram-prostheticsSynTouch’s intelligent grasping reflexes are currently being utilized in clinical studies that have been funded by the Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs and the NIH to bring this technology to market and improve the performance of low-cost prosthetic hands.

Clinicians have long known that stiff hands tend to be almost useless even if they have a normal motor function. Anyone who has tried to use their hands when their fingertips are numb from the cold also knows this. Nevertheless, designers of prosthetic hands have been reluctant to incorporate tactile sensing be.

In research funded by the National Institutes of Health, SynTouch was able to develop the revolutionary BioTac sensor and integrate these sensors into prosthetics to improve the user’s capabilities in both perception and touch.

Through this work, we have discovered how to combine our highly nuanced sensors into a system of automatic reflexes that work in much the same way as real human fingers! This gives users an unprecedented ability to pick up objects without having to actively think about the amount of force they are applying – just like the reflexes of a real human hand.


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