What are your fingertips sensing right now? Maybe your hand is on a computer mouse, or maybe you’re holding your tablet or mobile device. Is the surface smooth or rough? Are you fingertips sensing cold or warmth? What if you were to slowly lift your fingertips…would the surface feel a bit sticky like it’s hanging on to your fingertips just a little?

The sense of touch is beautifully complicated. It only seems natural because millions of years of evolution hard wired this experience into our nervous system. But every day our fingertips gather a tremendous amount of information that helps us make intuitive decisions about the world, including decisions about what to buy and whether we’re satisfied with our purchase.

Our Tactile Evaluation Service

Want to understand more about how your products feel, but are not ready to purchase a system or perform the testing in-house? SynTouch works with industry-leading companies worldwide conducting the testing on their behalf and customizing testing protocols for various substrates. As the world leaders in touch, we can also provide in-depth analysis in order to provide the most insights relevant to your products.

To help you better serve your consumers, reduce manufacturing costs, and increase loyalty to your brand, we offer SynTouch Tactile Evaluation that can help you:

  • Find cheaper materials that have the same quality feel.
  • Ensure that the feel of your products remains consistent through various product design changes.
  • Test product batches for quality control.
  • Make better decisions about material sourcing (did your supplier send you a different quality material hoping you wouldn’t notice)?
  • Justify a marketing claim about how your products feel.

For more information see our Working With SynTouch and The BioTac Toccare™ resource or review our case studies section to see examples of the work performed.

Get Clear Answers

Our Tactile Evaluation studies provide you with clear and actionable data. Traditional focus groups and trained consultants provide you with feedback after analyzing their own subjective experiences.

SynTouch sensors and software sense the same factors as a human finger, but they’re able to translate the sensations into clear, objective, measurable data. No more guesswork or leaps of faith.

Below are a number of sample reports generated by the system.

Fabric Samples Report.pdf
Glass Samples Report.pdf
Leather Samples Report.pdf
Paper Samples Report.pdf
Polymer Samples Report.pdf

Getting Started

You can now leverage our technology with our Tactile Evaluation Service. It requires no investment in equipment or training for your staff, and our team can handle everything from start to finish.

After executing any NDA’s required, we begin with a telephone conversation to discuss your application.

We’ll give you precise instructions on what we’ll need from you to test your materials and we’ll provide you with clear communication about relevant timelines and provide you with a full report of your Tactile Evaluation study. Once reporting is complete, we like to visit your facility to present the results, answer questions and provide feedback.  

For more information see our Working With SynTouch and The BioTac Toccare™ resource.

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