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BioTac Technologies

BioTac© (Top) BioTac SP© (Bottom)

Experiencing the human touch without humans is what puts The BioTac® in a class of its own when it comes to robustness and reparability. The BioTac® mimics the physical properties and sensory capabilities of the human fingertip

  • Since its launch in 2008, BioTac® has been the leading tactile sensor to assist brands discover the future of machine touch.
  • The BioTac, with advanced human-like tactile sensing, is the leading product in machine touch.The design consists of a rigid core surrounded by an elastic liquid filled-skin to give a compliance remarkably similar to the human fingertip.
  • The BioTac®  is capable of sensing: force, vibration, and temperature which is identical to human touch capabilities. These sensory capabilities have been incorporated into the device without placing a single sensor in the skin. Instead, all of the electronics are protected inside the rigid core.


NumaTac Technologies

The NumaTac™ distills the features of our BioTac sensor that are most useful for robotic artistry into a new class of sensors. This patent pending technology consists of a spongy core surrounded by an elastic skin.

  • Its sensitivity to contact events and highly manageable surface make it ideal for fingertips that handle delicate objects.
  • NumaTac technology can be easily designed and inexpensively manufactured to cover large and complex areas such as hands, feet, limbs or trunk.
  • It eliminates insensitive dead spots and vulnerable edges. It absorbs the energy of collisions, providing valuable time for evasive changes to spare the robot (and the world!) from serious damage.

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