Human Perception.
Machine Consistency.

Toccare® is the machine equivalent of human touch. Anything a human can detect, the Toccare can precisely and repeatedly quantify. Because of the Biomimetic Process utilized by our system, it effectively predicts consumer haptic experiences.

  • Test materials with the touch of a button
  • Reduce reliance on "golden hands", sensory panels and tribology
  • Communicate haptic information clearly to customers, suppliers, designers, engineers
  • Optimize new formulations, processes and products for haptics
  • Maintain quality control of product feel
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MET Labs Certified to UL and CE Standards

The Toccare®

SynTouch works with industry-leading companies, providing test services, test instruments and custom test protocols for for their materials and processes. As the world leader in touch, we can also provide in-depth analysis and insights relevant to your products.

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The world’s First and Only Database of Touch

The SynTouch Standard is the world’s first and only database of touch! It lets users examine and manipulate haptic data for research, development, marketing and related efforts. It is the engine for our Touch-Scale® e-commerce haptics construct functions.

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BioTac Technology

The BioTac® sensor is the foundation upon which Toccare is built. BioTac is the most human-like, most advanced and most awarded tactile sensor in the world. BioTac quantifies forces, vibration and thermal data just like our own fingers.

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