Feel the Impact of Machine Touch – Technology Open House

Friday, July 28th, 2017

SynTouch Inc., the world leader in the science of human touch, is proud to announce a technology showcase from 4-8 PM PDT on Thursday, August 24th. For visitors in the Los Angeles area, please RSVP to come to our open house at our new headquarters: 3720 Clifton Place, Montrose CA. For those around the globe and unable to attend in person, we will host a simultaneous Reddit AMA on r/Science.

Guests will be able to use interactive demonstrations of SynTouch technology to:

Quantify the world of touch with the BioTac Toccare™ – Bring samples of materials and watch our instrument quantify their fifteen dimensions of touch. The BioTac Toccare is used by Automakers, Apparel and Consumer Electronics companies who need to define the haptics of their products. The BioTac Toccare launches on September 1 and will revolutionize haptic branding.

Command robotic hands with tactile sense and reflexes – Use our robot to handle fragile objects better and faster than currently available systems. See how these reflexes can be merged to with realistic haptic displays to create telerobotic systems.

Become a cyborg by wearing a smart prosthetic hand – Popular Mechanics lauded these prosthetic hands as a breakthrough. They use biomimetic tactile reflexes so that amputees can handle fragile objects without crushing them. Intact humans can share the experience using a rare training system!

Feel the future of haptic display – SynTouch data drives the next-generation haptic displays with lifelike representations of surfaces for advanced VR for virtual presence and gaming.

And start buying online with confidence using Touch-Scale™ – Our new B2B2C construct presents product haptic information in an infographic format. Now shoppers can anticipate the feel of purchases of apparel, bed linens, and other products whose feel really matters. Touch- Scale will increase sales and reduce returns.

Attendance is open to friends, customers, collaborators, and investors. Food and drinks will be provided.



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