How to Measure Touch – Automotive Interiors World – September 2017

Thursday, September 21st, 2017

SynTouch Inc., the world leader in the science of human touch, is featured in the latest edition of Automotive Interiors World for our work with International Automotive Components (IAC) – the third largest automotive interior components supplier in the world by market share and the only global supplier with a singular focus on interiors.

“We’re doing for feel, what Pantone and RGB did for color” Explains Jerry Loeb, SynTouch CEO and co-inventor of the BioTac Toccare instrument that captures the dimensions of touch. The fifteen dimensions of touch cover attributes of texture, friction, compliance, thermal, and adhesive properties. SynTouch’s measurement system is poised to make a signficant impact on the way automobile companies and their suppliers interact.

IAC found the technology useful to their mission of bringing high-quality interior components to their customers. In the article Tony Jones, IAC’s Director of advanced engineering and development explained how SynTouch helps: “We’re working with (SynTouch) to develop this as a new best-practice in the automotive field, and define the feel of our parts precisely, so that our customers get exactly what they want.”

“I imagine it’s been a huge problem for the industry,” says Loeb, “IAC can provide a huge range of feel to their interior components, but each OEM has an isolated way to describe what they want. They’d have to interpret that and implement it and ship products that match a subjective description. We’re able to simplify it by giving them a standard vocabulary and an objective measurement of touch.” SynTouch’s technology can quickly capture the exact dimensions of touch for any material and allow the automotive industry to move forward quickly.

Jones explained how that works at IAC:  “SynTouch’s dimensions enable us to communicate with our customers even more precisely about what they want to improve, and SynTouch’s measurements allow all parties to be confident that we’re maintaining the specifications we’ve agreed on.

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