NumaTac Selected as The Scientist’s Top 10 Innovations of 2013

Sunday, December 1st, 2013

LOS ANGELES, California, December 1, 2013 – SynTouch LLC, developer and maker of the only sensor technology in the world that endows robots with the ability to replicate – and sometimes exceed – the human sense of touch, has had it’s work selected by The Scientist as one of the Top 10 Innovation of 2013.

SynTouch has developed NumaTac™ a sensing technology that has both compliance and sensitivity like human skin. “What’s particularly special about NumaTacs is the ability to easily make the sensors into a variety of shapes and sizes to cover the vulnerable or dangerous parts of robots and it allows a moving robot to detect collisions and absorb the resulting energy rather than ramming and breaking the robot, or even more importantly objects and people around the robot” said Dr. Gerald Loeb, CEO at SynTouch. Loeb has written a blog about the benefits of compliant and sensitive robot skins, comparing this innovation to building robots with soft endoskeletons. Right now it’s the other way around Loeb says “Most robots are built like gigantic cockroaches with exoskeleton shells made of hard materials and when they collide something expensive is going to break and it isn’t going to heal itself no matter how long you wait.”

The Scientist highlights the laboratory and research products introduced in the past year that are poised to revolutionize the life sciences. With more than 80 entries to our annual Top 10 Innovations competition, our panel of expert judges had the tough task of picking the very best of the best. And 2013’s entries were so good, in fact, that our Top 10 Innovations is actually a Top 12, thanks to two ties— one for 2nd place and one for 10th.

This prestigious award rounds out a busy year for SyTouch who has also been selected by the World Economic forum as a Technology Pioneer in August, and had its other sensor BioTac® awarded the POPULAR MECHANICS’ Breakthrough Innovator Award Award in October.

About SynTouch

SynTouch LLC developed and makes the only sensor technology in the world that endows robots with the ability to replicate – and sometimes exceed – the human sense of touch. Its lead product – the BioTac® – mimics the physical properties and sensory capabilities of the human fingertip. Founded in 2008 and headquartered in Los Angeles, SynTouch provides Machine Touch™ – complete tactile sensing solutions for industrial, medical and military applications:

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