What’s the Biggest Development in Sensors?

Thursday, June 7th, 2018

The BioTac SP

The BioTac SPSince its launch in 2008, the BioTac has revolutionized tactile sensing. Its biomimetic design makes it the only sensor in the world that provides the same mechanical properties and sensory modalities of the human finger: skin deformation, vibration, and temperature.

Now the same BioTac technology has been miniaturized to the BioTac SP – Single Phalanx – design.

Laser Circuit Structuring

The BioTac SP uses cutting edge technology to pack even more sensors (24 vs. 19) into half the volume with over twice the strength (>200N normal force). A state of the art on-board microprocessor provides computing power for internal signal processing and feature extraction that will become available in future firmware updates.

Integration systems are now available for highly articulated hands.

Robotic hands

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